Safe and Effective Alternative to the Outrageous Cost of Prescriptions Drugs

The subject of US consumers purchasing medications from licensed pharmacies outside the US has been the focus of various news programs lately, including features run by ABC’s 20/20 and CNBC’s investigative reporter Scott Cohen.   In most cases, the news anchors point out the obvious cost differences between medications sold in the US versus medications sold in other developed countries around the world. 

The argument made by drug manufacturers for the higher prices in the US is the price we pay for the FDA ensures the safety of medications sold in America.  Meanwhile, agencies like the FDA in developed countries such as England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and others, take offense (and rightfully so) when they hear claims that the FDA provides a safer more secure market for medications than their like agencies deliver for their own citizens.  The fact that drug prices in the US are often more than 4 times higher than in other developed countries is indisputable.  At the same time, the US has one of, if not the worst record, of drug counterfeiting in the world – driven in part by the sheer size of the US market which makes it an attractive target for counterfeiters.  The FDA is not a partner with the drug companies either and thus does not share in any of the profits drug companies obtain through their sky high US prices.  That said, drug manufacture profits from sales in the US represent over 60% of their profits from sales worldwide.  US consumers and health insurers truly are subsidizing the rest of the world’s access to pharmaceutical care.  Prices for pharmaceuticals are lower in other countries, not because of substandard quality, but because the governments set the prices, not the manufacturers.  And, in truth, most of the medicines on pharmacy shelves in the US are manufactured outside the US.

To be sure, there can be serious risks involved with purchasing medications through off-shore channels.  There are often reports regarding “rogue” web sites hosted off-shore, offering blistering low prices, for medications of all kinds.  Where those medications come from and who takes responsibility for customer support and quality control can be a mystery.  Many of those sites could easily be selling counterfeit medications and get away with it, particularly if based half-a-world away.

Luckily, there are resources right here in the US available to assist US residents obtain their doctor-prescribed medications safely from licensed pharmacies in other countries at affordable prices.  Canadian Discount Rx Services in Belleview, FL is one such place.  They have assisted thousands of customers through the US, who seek the lowest cost options for their doctor-prescribed medications, through licensed pharmacies in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England and other European countries, India, and discount pharmacies right here in the US.  Drug prices can vary widely on a case by case basis from one country to the other.  An entity like Canadian Discount has those international prices at their fingertips, which makes it easy.

Of interest is the fact that India has achieved an eminent global position in the pharmaceutical sector.  Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities registered with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as of March 2014 was the highest at 523 for any country outside the US.  According to the Wall Street Journal in May 2014, Indian drug makers accounted for 40 percent of U.S. generic drug imports, based on volume, and 39 percent of total generic drug approvals by the agency.

Perhaps the best part of working with a local consultant such as Canadian Discount Rx Services, is the personal touch and comfort knowing that if a package goes missing in the mail, or you have any questions about a medication received through the mail, you have a real person, with your best interest at heart, who you can speak with one-on-one, in person or by phone, right here in America.  Until the US government and drug manufacturer supported restrictions on bulk importation of prescription medications from other countries are lifted, entities like Canadian Discount represent the best opportunity for those in need, to obtain their medications affordably and worry-free. 

Note:  CNBC’s news report profiling Canadian Discount and a few other consultants like them can be viewed via the Internet at  If you have not seen the piece, it is very much worthwhile taking a few minutes to watch.   Methods used by drug manufacturers to scare and mislead the public on the subject, are also exposed.